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This website was originally designed to provide information about the ancestors and descendants of my father, Wayne Henry Carter (1923-1979), and my mother, Mary Mirah Jones (1924-2010).

It has since been expanded to include the ancestors and descendants of our Carter progenitor, Richard Cater 1st (1598-1611-1677-1679).

These descendants and ancestors include the families of John Carter and Hannah Knight Libby who settled in the Great Salt Lake Valley in the 1850s.

All descendants directly related to anyone in these families or through marriage are encouraged and welcome to join this website.!

Cater-Decatur Family Organization:

Ephraim Cater

Richard Cater 1st was born in Devon, England in the early 17th century and immigrated to the New Hampshire region of the New World. His history shows that he was an early settler of Bloody Point along with his daughter, Elizabeth and his son, Richard 2nd.

Ephraim Cater (1800-1887) was the son of John Cater III (1775-1863).

The Cater-Decatur Family Organization was created by the children of John CATER 3rd.

Ephraim Cater was the son of John Cater 3rd (1775-1863), John Cater 2nd (1737-1801), John Cater 1st (1712-1777), Ephraim Cater was the son of John Cater 3rd (1775-1863), John Cater 2nd (1737-1801), John Cater 1st (1712-1777), Edward Cater (c1675-bef1732) and Richard Cater 2nd. The first official reunion was held on September 26, 1876 and was voted to be a permanent organization by those attending. Today, it is the longest continuing family organization in existence.

Lost & Found:

Pam Jesperson submitted the above photograph labeled "Fanny Carter" and is trying to obtain a more positive identification.
If anyone can help please contact myself, Pam or Bob Givens. Thank you.

  Notable Family Members:

Descended From:
  CARTER, Ronald Gary   Dominicus Carter (1806 - 1884)
Polly Miner (1832 - 1896)

Ronald Gary Carter was the author of the nine volume historical fiction series Prelude to Glory about the American Revolution. He is also the author of several other books including Me and The Geezer, The Beecher Incident, The Youngest Drover, Death of a Stranger, The Trial of Mary Lou, The Royal Macabees, The Blackfoot Moonshine Rebellion of 1892, The Case of the Deadly Counterfeiters, The Case of the Golden Spike Kidnappers, The Clearwater Union War, and Unlikely Heroes.

  KING, Stephen Edwin   Richard Carter, Jr. (1780 - 1860)
Sarah Holmes (1792 - 1873)

Stephen Edwin King is the author of numerous horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels. His books have sold more than 350 million copies, many of which have been adapted into feature films, miniseries, television series, and comic books.

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John & Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization:

John Carter (1768-1852) and his wife, Hannah Knight Libby (1786-1867) left their homes in in Maine and New Hampshire during the mid-1800s and began traveling westward that eventually spread over much of the Southwest. However, their story of migration is rooted in the great migration of the Latter-Day Saints to their final settlement in the Great Salt Lake Valley, Utah Territory. During their travels westward they arrived in Kirtland Ohio, then the headquarters of the LDS Church. Fleeing from intense violence they were forced to leave for Far West, Missouri. In February 1839, again under persecution, they left for Nauvoo, Illinois and again

Hannah Knight Libby

in February 1846, they had to leave for Kanesville, Iowa where Richard Harrison Carter (1820-1848) answered the call for the Mormon Battalion. The family remained in Kanesville until 1851 having been delayed in departing earlier by helping the Church leaders prepare the emigrant trains for the long journey ahead, finally arriving in Great Salt Lake City, UT Territory on June 20, 1851. In the early 1870s, John “H” Carter traded his property in Provo which consisted of an adobe house, two log houses, a blacksmith shop, a barn, and several cords of wood, for eighty-five acres of land north and west of Provo, later to be known as Carterville. Through hard work and determination his efforts to make Carterville a thriving community were successful. Over the years, Carterville has been incorporated into the city of Orem and no longer exists today. Our website is named after and in honor of his noble efforts.

Family Centenarians:    

Photo:Name: Born / Died: Age:
FAWBUSH, William 1816 - 1923 107
LARSEN, Liona Louise 1900 - 2006 105
OSTBERG, Elsie Anna Laura 1908 - 2008 100
PARK, Estella Maud 1885 - 1986 100
Van AUSDAL, Myrtle 1895 - 1996 100
  Latest Updates:

January 17, 2020 The following are the latest family members on this site to have have been added, reviewed and/or recently updated.

CHRISTENSEN, Dr. Johan Nicolai 'John'
YORK, Eldora Alice
CHILD, Francis Doyle
CLARK, Elaine
CHESLEY, Vernon Clark
MORRELL, Eleanor Irene
FISH, Verna
CHALLIS, Dr. Donald William M.D.
FREEMAN, Susan Ann
FISH, Roland Woodruff
CHADBURN, Archie Franklin
HUDSON, Ora Abiah
ROBBINS, Abiah Russell
HUDSON, Albert Ray
FOWLER, Albert E
CARTER, Richard Sr.
CARTER, James Sr.
CARTER, Walter Floyd
SMITH, Vida Matilda
CLUFF, Verna
NELSON, Verda Lova
CARTER, Sheldon R
CARTER, Sharon Lee
MECHAM, Roxena
LEROY, Paige
CARTER, Rodney Lee
CARTER, Abigail
CATER, Edward Jr.
CATER, Edward
CATER, Richard II
CATER, Richard III
CARTER, Richard IV
CARTER, James Jr.
CARTER, John Pearce
CARTER, Thomas
CARTER, Ephraim
CARTER, James Sr.
CARTER, John Jr.
CARTER, John Sr.
SANDS, Hannah
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth
CARTER, James Jr.
TRACY, Matilda Ann
CARTER, Alden Vasco
CARTER, Arlene Vesta
BROOKS, Clayton
BURRILL, Daniel Stephen
MOORE, Anna Belle
BURRILL, Madelene Wyman
CARTER, Vasco Earl
CARTER, Paul Bearnson
CARTER, Orval Lorenzo
CARTER, Orson Eldridge
SEARLE, Lorna Faye
CARTER, Myrin Davis
DELANEY, Maxine Elma
CARTER, Willman Clifton
JONES, Mary Mirah
CARTER, Mark Johnson 'Corky'
SMITH, Lydia
CARTER, Linda Louise
HOLSTEIN, Charles Paul
ROBERTSON, Beulah Jane
CARTER, Larry Edward
CARTER, Kenneth Garner
CARTER, Verl Junior
WING, Janis
CARTER, William J 'Bill'
CARTER, Heber Paul
CARTER, Grove Terry
CARTER, Reuben Eldridge
CARTER, Grover Clair
CARTER, Gary Lynn
CARTER, Franklin Richard 'Frank'
MCDANIEL, Christina 'Teenie'
CARTER, Francis Merley
YATES, Gladys
CARTER, Alfred Marlin
CARTER, Erastus Francis 'Rast'
CARTER, Eldred Irwin
CARTER, Edward Doyle
CARTER, Duane Emeron
JACOBSON, Marjorie Mae
DON, Dorothy Ilene
TIMOTHY, Donna Violet
CARTER, Raymond Burke
ZUNDELL, Christena
CARTER, Wilman Peter